About us

We are a small team of healthcare workers, tech experts, and self starter entrepreneurs who are ambitious and passionate about creating industry leading solutions to better health and ergonomics.

How we started

Do you ever experience wrist pain while using a laptop? Our team at AQUUES Solutions has spent over a year developing a unique solution for wrist pain stemming from long-term laptop use. We're comprised of a physical therapist and cyber security consultant who have experienced this problem in the modern work-from-home era. Unsatisfied with the existing products in the market, our team decided to tackle the problem in an innovative way. Dr. Shithil used his experience as a physical therapist, while Walter used his insights as a key target audience to produce and perfect the final iteration of the WavePads. The WavePads are designed to be ergonomic and portable, which reflect the theme for our company's vision. We aim to continue developing ergonomic products for those who are experiencing or would like to prevent long term postural dysfunctions.

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